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RISE Youth

RISE Youth is True North Endurance’s introductory event for youth ages 8-15. We still follow the principles of the adult version of RISE, but have adapted a new version that will get each youth out of their comfort zone while teaching them the value of teamwork. Each event will be unique, last 2+ hours and strives for 100% completion rate. Every event will feature a service component to it.


The Event

Date: Saturday, April 18, 2020



  • Ages 8-11 ( at time of event) - Check in will start at 3:30 PM sharp. Do not be late.

  • Ages 12-15 ( at time of event) - Check in will start at 5:30 PM sharp. Do not be late.


Location: TBA (somewhere in the greater Salt Lake City, UT metro area)


Pricing (registration ends April 18, 2020 unless sold out)

  • Through March 18, 2020 - $25

  • After March 18, 2020 - $30


Age Limit: 8-15 at time of event (minors under age 18 are permitted to participate as long as a parent/guardian is present throughout the entire duration of the event as a participant or shadow)


Registration Includes

  • Unique token for finishing the event

  • Poly cotton t-shirt for finishing the event (if you register anytime after April 5, 2020, your finisher shirt may be mailed to you after the event)

  • Photographs during the event


Mandatory Participant Gear List

Every person must bring the following items. This is mandatory for the success and safety of the event. If you show up without some of these items, you may not be able to participate.


Standard Items

  • Pack/ruck to carry your items in

  • Enough water to get you through the event

  • Enough nutrition/food/electrolytes to get you through the event


Specialty Items

  • TBA

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