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There's no such thing as luck.


It's time to make your own luck!
r this challenge you will repeat the following 3 times:
17 squats,
17 four-count flutter kicks,
17 push-ups,
ruck 1.7 miles.


We're a Little Different

True North Endurance Rucking Challenges have the same theme all year. Yep, your patch is part of an annual theme that continues all year long - like the gift that keeps giving.




What You Get

Monthly giveaways for subscribers!

We've teamed up with incredible companies, like Ruckstrap - the ultimate rucking accessory that will revolutionize your rucking experience and MudGear who makes gear and apparel to support your racing, training and outdoor adventures. Each month, lucky subscribers will win prizes like The Original Ruckstrap, and special MudGear rucking socks. We're giving away over $100 in prizes every month, PLUS a quarterly giveaway and discount codes from Chucked Wood!

Subscribers Also Get

Monthly patch and challenge

Monthly Facebook virtual rucking calls

Exclusive discounts

Exclusive bonus content and other surprises

Exclusive Trailblazers Facebook Group

Q&A sessions with hard-core ruckers

Input into upcoming rucking themes

A tribe of supportive, ruck-loving individuals


March Challenge


Fan lore abounds in Star Wars. According to one theory, Luke Skywalker first met Obi-Wan Kenobi when he was 13-years-old and Obi-Wan saved him from a Krayt Dragon who was about to make Luke a snack. Years later, Luke would build his lightsaber on his home planet of Tatooine, using parts and instructions found in Obi-Wan's old home. The green color comes from the bonding of the kyber crystal to the jedi wielding the blade.

Not all jedi knights can wield a green saber. Qui-Gon Jinn and Yoda are two others who are known for the green color. That’s because the color of the light saber is closely tied to the values and personality of the jedi who wields it. Green means a very deep understanding of and connection with the Force.

Groups/Ruck Clubs

Get your custom details

The Details

For this challenge you will repeat the following 3 times: 17 squats, 17 four-count flutter kicks, 17 push-ups, ruck 1.7 miles.


The choice is yours. If you're new, start with a lower weight, like 5 to 10 pounds.

New Ruckers:

Complete one round a day, until you've completed all three rounds.

Experienced Ruckers:

Complete for time. Post your time on the TNEE Facebook page or Subscriber's Group.

Groups/Ruck Clubs


Make the monthly challenge even more enjoyable by doing it together, as a group or club! It's always more fun when you're sharing the experience with others.

Bulk pricing for group or ruck clubs is available. Check out our FAQs to learn more.

We have special options for group or Ruck Club Leaders. Email us to find out more!

Group/Club Challenge

Group/Ruck Clubs:

Plan a 1.7 mile ruck that circles back to the start point. Ruckers can join for a distance they are able to complete and modify the workout as needed.



Options for Everyone



No Fuss Monthly Registration!

Monthly Patch Mailed to You!

Monthly prize drawings!

Groups/Ruck Clubs


Discounted Monthly Registration!*

Monthly Patches Mailed to You for the Group!

Monthly prize drawings!

Single Challenge


March Challenge Registration Fee

March Patch Mailed to You

*Monthly subscription price is based on a minimum number of 12 subscribers from a group or ruck club. Patches are mailed to the group or Ruck Club Leader to hand out (refer to the FAQ section for more information).

Upon registration, you consent to receiving emails about this and other Monthly Ruck Challenges. Rest assured, we won't trade or sell your email or send you spam mail - that's not our style. You can opt-out from this mailing list whenever you like. Subscription fees of $10 for the Monthly Rucking Challenge  will be automatically renewed every month, aligned with your sign-up date. Should you decide to, you're free to terminate your subscription at any point (refer to the FAQ section for more information).

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