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Improve Your Asstitude!

Updated: Mar 31

Three ways moving that booty can help improve your outlook on life.

If you follow my other blog, you'll know that inaction feeds our fear (and, hence our lack of motivation to do anything). You lack the desire to meal prep and eat healthy foods. You lack the motivation to exercise. You lack the energy to get out of bed on time. You don't have to live in a constant state of lack! Kick that lack to the curb with these simple little tips.

Just breathe - Practicing a special form of breathing called fire breathing gets oxygen to your brain quickly and instantly elevates your mood. In 90 seconds or less you already start to feel motivated to chip away at your challenging tasks. If you have never done fire breathing before, it has other benefits aside from clearing and energizing your mind with scrumptious oxygen. It clears out your nasal passages for easier breathing, and encourages healthy nose breathing (instead of mouth breathing). It also engages your abdominal wall and creates a link between a strong pelvic floor while breathing. Okay, so maybe you don't have to shake your booty to practice your breath of fire, but it prepares you for some serious bottom shaking later.

Minute to fit - In one minute or less, you can change your entire state (mind/body/soul alignment) by doing some really quick and simple exercises that will boost your mood throughout the day. I personally love this standing ab exercise by The Egoscue Method. If you sit a lot, try this series of one-minute exercises to help improve your posture and sit pain free! When your posture is correct, the flow of natural energy inside you and move uninhibited. Natural energy is sustainable and doesn't come with a crash like most artificial energy boosters do.

Keep it small - Tiny steps lead to big strides! Keep your momentum going by making itty-bitty goals that you KNOW you can accomplish. Progress increases people's happiness and motivation! I suggested specific one-minute exercises because ANYONE can do them, even if it's only for 45, 30, or 15 seconds. Just start small and build. The important thing is that you start. We are creatures of habit and if the task seems too big or too hard, we won't stick with it. You create new habits by routinely doing small, simple tasks and building on them over time.

Be kind to yourself! You're dong the best you can right now and your personal best will change from day to day. We live in the residuals of our past choices. Making a 1% change each day adds up over time, so be patient. Over time, you will see amazing results with consistent dedication to your new, healthier self.

Keep shaking that booty! Shake it all the way to better mental and physical health. Your asstitude will determine your altitude, and body, mind, and soul will thank you for the freedom!

Sending love,

Faith Joy

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