Parents for Parents Virtual 5K

Parents for Parents Virtual 5K

"Educate a Mother’s purpose is to help single parents create self-sufficiency through education and gainful employment. Everything we do is in support of our purpose."


The Charity

Educate a Mother believes that education provides power - when you know better, you do better. They provide an avenue of support by opening doors for single parents to achieve success. Educate a Mother helps single parents using their services map a path to reach educational and career goals. They act as guides on their journey, helping them remove roadblocks that would normally stop them from getting their education.


Educate a Mother has the resources and a network of cooperating organizations to help provide scholarships, training, child care, and mentorship. Single parents entering the program agree to attend free workshops and training provided by Educate a Mother or one of their partners, to help them prepare to sustain themselves and their families in a healthy, productive, and loving atmosphere.


Educate a Mother is helping single parents break the cycle of poverty, creating a new cycle of success and joy through embracing their current situation, empowering them with resources, and embarking on a new life of self-sufficiency for themselves and their children. 


The Event

March 21, 2020 is National Single Parent's Day! We know parenting can be hard, whether you have a partner helping out or you're on your own. To celebrate parents everywhere, we have partnered with Educate a Mother, a non-profit that helps single parents become self-sufficient through training and education, to bring you the Parents for Parents Virtual 5K!

Join us for a Virtual 5K that empowers parents to become the role models for their children they have always wanted to be. With every registration received, True North Endurance & Events will make a donation to Educate a Mother. When parents come together, we can accomplish amazing things!

So, go ahead, spread the word! Grab another parent in your neighborhood, get registered, and get moving! Make a difference on your own schedule and in your own way! This virtual event can be done any time, anywhere!

Virtual 5K Pricing (virtual registration ends May 31, 2020 unless sold out)

  • Poly cotton t-shirt - $25

  • Medal - $20

  • Poly cotton t-shirt and medal - $39


Virtual 5K Registration Includes (depending on the package you purchase)

  • Donation to Educate a Mother (all registrations)

  • Poly cotton t-shirt (shirt/medal or shirt only registrations)

  • Medal (shirt/medal or medal only registrations)

  • Shipping (all registrations)


Virtual Event Refund Policy

  • Refunds are not allowed for virtual events

  • Transferring registration to a different participant is not allowed for virtual events


Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the medals for this event have been significantly delayed. All medals and shirts will begin shipping after June 15, 2020.


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